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Functional Health

Wellness Consultation

Wellness Consultation with a woman and her med spa doctor explaining the medical rejuvenation services that will be performed

Our Wellness Consultation is designed for individuals who are already in good health but are eager to take their well-being to the next level. We employ functional tests to evaluate various aspects of your health, such as gut health and nutrient levels. By identifying and addressing deficiencies, we aim to help you enhance your vitality, live a longer, and more vibrant life. During these comprehensive consultations, our medical experts will assess your overall health, discuss your medical history, and provide personalized guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices. 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Experience the transformational power of BHRT, a game-changer for enhancing your overall well-being. Unlike synthetic hormones, BHRT replenishes what your body naturally loses with age, fostering improvements in skin health, hair vitality, bone density, organ function, muscle tone, immune system strength, cognitive health, and sexual well-being. BHRT is tailored to your unique needs, with hormone levels carefully tested and precisely dosed. We create individual compounded treatments, complemented by nutrient supplementation customized to your specific bloodwork.

an elderly woman and her doctor discussing and explaining Hormone Replacement Therapy services that are performed at Totale Boca Med Spa

Medical Nutrition Therapy

a woman holding her phone and tracking the calories of the meal that she is eating. Medical nutrition therapy provided at Totale Boca Med Spa medical rejuvenation and wellness services

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a scientifically grounded, personalized medical approach that leverages dietary adjustments and carefully calibrated nutrient supplements to aid in disease management. It can stand alone as a treatment or complement a traditional medical regimen. Our program is led by Nicole- a licensed, board-certified, and published Medical Nutritionist. Unlike many weight loss programs, MNT is the only sustainable, long-term weight loss therapy that comes highly recommended. Also, with our Customized Supplement Protocols, you can be confident that you're receiving the precise nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Weight Loss Program

We recognize that each person's body is distinct, with its own biochemical makeup and individualized reasons for weight gain. Achieving lasting, healthy weight parameters requires a personalized approach.

Our program, led by Nicole, a licensed, board-certified, and published Medical Nutritionist, is designed to tailor a weight loss strategy specifically for you. Through comprehensive testing, we determine the most effective path to help you achieve sustainable, long-term success. Nicole is also licensed by the Florida Department of Health to address any underlying medical conditions that may be impacting your weight.

a scale being adjusted by a woman to weigh herself according to Totale Boca's weight loss program in Boca Raton for wellness services

All Wellness Consults must be call-in appointments.
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IV Nutrient Therapy

IV Infusion Therapy demonstrating the vitamins and minerals that will be provided with Totale Boca's IV nutrient therapy services

People seek nutrient infusion therapy because they are not getting the proper amount of nutrients through their diet alone. Nutrient infusion therapy is a safe and effective way to receive your vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Treatment sessions typically last 30-45 minutes and may cause you to feel refreshed and energized.

Oral vitamins can only lead to about 30 percent absorption rate, which isn’t ideal for individuals who aren’t getting enough vitamins as it is. However, IV therapy empowers nutrients to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream for maximum benefits. 

There are no major negative side effects to the treatment, especially if cleared from allergies or previous medical conditions.

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